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You must follow these 4 steps in order to prepare your files for upload.

1: Create text description(s) of your job(s). Accurately describe the contents of your package inside your folder with README files.

2: Include all fonts and images used. Place them in the folders "fonts" and "images", then move these folders within the same folder as the document.

3: Compress your package. Use zip on windows, stuffit on Macintosh, and gzip on unix.

4: Rename the compressed file. lastname_firstname_jobname_version.xxx

For example: Smith_John_printjob_001A.sit After the compressed file has been created, contact us via email or phone to get our upload username and password.

When you have the password, connect to our server using webdav.

Windows users:
Open Internet Explorer, and choose file > Open

Then enter "http://uploads.greengraphics.net", and check the "open as web folder" box

Mac users...
1. Open the Finder (You may do this by minimizing your current applications, clicking on the desktop, and/or selecting the "Finder" icon on the dock.)
2. Open the "Go" menu and choose "Connect to Server"
3. Enter the address of the WebDAV folder (e.g. http://uploads.greengraphics.net) and press "Connect"
4. You may be notified that the certificate is not recognized. Accept the certificate and continue.
5. When prompted for a username and password, use the password and username we gave you.
6. You should now be connected. A new Finder window will open to show the contents of your WebDAV folder, and an icon will placed on your desktop to represent the WebDAV folder.

5250 College and
Oakland CA 94618
P: 510.923.0000
F: 510.923.0001

We accept bitcoins for partial payment on print and design jobs.